Parents as Partners

The maxim says, “It takes much longer to educate a person then to grow a tree”.

To enable growth of a tree, we have to make sure that the seeds plummet on the right soil. Elements like water, sunlight and air are also available in adequate quantities. But to educate children, it not only requires resources, but also a longer period of time and entails continuous efforts to nurture them. Yet, it is remarkably the most meaningful and majestic mission of mankind.

A child needs an environment of care, affection and protection for his/her development. Hence in the process of nurturing a child, the parents have to prominently comprehend that the child’s growth and learning is a gradual processes. We have to educate the children with reference to their traits and characteristics without pressuring them or enforcing our desires on them.

There is usually a tendency to focus on child’s academic achievements which at the primary stage clutches both “balanced development” and “whole person education”. It is necessary to bear in mind that children should be allowed to learn in tune with their abilities and needs. Children generally get to know the things around them by their own senses and through play. “Knowledge, skills and attitudes” are all important in laying a solid foundation for “life-long learning and whole person development”.

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