At Gajera Global School, we believe in going beyond textbooks to engage your children in real-time co-curricular ‘activities’. Why? Because we believe that ‘doing’ is the best way to learn. Besides, through these activities we aim to do much more – i.e. build qualities of strong character, a true sense of duty, a concept of togetherness and a fully-formed personality. Here, it’s all about all-round development.

Cultural Activities

Gajera Global School includes music, dance and arts/craft studios that serve as the perfect outlet for children with restless energy and curiosity. At these studios, we make it a point to induce an appreciation for the finer aspects of culture and work to build a clear sense of identity. The arts can also be a wonderful way of introducing your children to folk traditions, history and above all giving them a place to be unleash their creative spirits and express themselves.

Music studio | Dance studio | Drawing / Art and crafts

Fitness Programme

Children need space to grow up as much as they need to learn. Which is why, at Gajera Global School, we’ve made fitness a part of the curriculum. Your child can choose one or more forms of physical activity. Whether it’s the nimble-footedness of aerobics, the serenity of yoga, the agility of karate or the freedom of a gymnasium; whether it’s the thrill of a table-tennis game, a power-packed football game or the sheer drama of cricket, your child will be in the heart of the action. A few years down the line, you will realize how important these activities are if your child is to stay fit for life.

Aerobics | Yoga | Karate | Indoor & outdoor games

Lab Activities

Learning is nothing without practice, which is why, Gajera Global school has created special labs where what’s in the books can be played out in real time. It’s not enough to be able to read and write English, you have to be able to speak it with flair and panache. The world of computers is so rich in informational treasures, the possibilities for learning are endless. The revolutionary theories in the sciences of Physics, Chemistry and Biology surely need to be practiced for a clear understanding of how the world around us functions. At Gajera, no matter what you learn you sure as the sun learn it well.

Computer labs | Maths lab | Chemistry lab | Physics lab | Biology lab

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