Scheme of Assessment


Young children learn better through games and activities and GGS uses the play-way method to enhance their inherent skills. Every month, four evaluations are conducted which are designed more as motivational rather than qualitative. One theme is taken around which activities and games are designed. The best performers are given “Well Done” cards which give them a sense of achievement. The annual examination is called the Creative Assessment Test which is a cumulative assessment of the lessons learnt throughout the year.


For grades I to VIII, learners write four pen-paper tests throughout the assessment year. They write two unit tests, one half-yearly and one annual examination. The unit tests are of 40 marks each and the half-yearly and the annual examination are of 80 marks each. Apart from the pen-paper test, an internal assessment of 20 marks is done in which marks are awarded for learners’ performance in co-scholastic areas and project work. The assessment scheme has been designed as per the pattern followed in grades IX and X so that learners are well prepared for the board exams.


To ensure a uniform pattern through Grades VI - XII the same assessment structure is followed by the school. This conditions the learners for Grade X & XI CBSE pattern of examination / assessment. It also ensures quality of education throughout their formative years. The Grade IX and XI report card follows the same format as the Grade X and XII issued by the CBSE. This has been in practice as per CBSE norms.


The assessment structure and examination for Grade VI to VIII have been prepared in view of the provisions of RTE-Act 2009 and comprises of two terms.


For the holistic development of the Learner, co- curricular activities in the following areas be carried out in our school by the educators and will be graded term-wise on a 5-point grading scale : ( A=Outstanding, B=Very Good, C=Good, D=Average , E=Fail)

The aspect of regularity, sincere participation, output and teamwork be the generic criteria for grading in the following co-scholastic activities:

(a) Work Education - Work Education refers to skill-based activities resulting in goods or services useful to the community
(b) Art Education (Visual & Performing Art)
(c) Health and Physical Education (Sports/Martial Arts/Yoga etc.)


The educators will also be assessed for the discipline which will be based on the factors like attendance, sincerity, behaviour, values, tidiness, respect for rules and regulations, attitude towards society, nation and others. Grading on Discipline will be done term- wise on a 5-point grading scale: ( A=Outstanding, B=Very Good, C=Good, D=Average , E=Fail)

According to the CBSE system, the promotion criteria have been followed from Grade VI to IX and XI.

• 75% attendance & 33% qualifying marks are mandatory to promote to next Grade.
• Any student failing to attain the required norms will be asked to provide undertaking from parent for re-test.
• If a student passes the re-test, he/she will be allowed to continue in next Grade, otherwise will repeat the same Grade.


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