Homework Policy

Homework is not given to the learners here at GGS, but worksheets are given for the self-assessment of learners and to map it with the curriculum.
Listed below are the responsibilities of educators, learners and parents with regard to homework.

Educators will:

  • Assign homework that is meaningful and useful to individuals
  • Provide appropriate and timely response to all homework assignments.
  • Provide a balance between long - range and short-term assignments
  • Give assignments over weekends which are no longer than a daily assignment.
  • Monitor long-term assignments in order to avoid last minute learner efforts,
  • Give clear, concise directions; allow time for learner questions, consider availability of materials; provide legible worksheet.
  • Inform parents of their role in supervising homework
  • Ensure that learners who are absent, know how they may make-up homework.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of homework as reflected in learner performance
  • Ensure that homework is a relevant extension of work assigned in class.
  • Ensure that all homework is corrected.

Learners will:

  • Ask questions when necessary to clarify the assignment
  • Follow a schedule and keep materials in order
  • Hand in, on time, neat, accurate, and meaningful assignments,
  • Plan time for completion of long-term assignments
  • Complete homework assignment during absence

Parents will:

  • Oversee that the homework gets completed
  • Be available for the child in case there are any questions of how to go about completing an assignment.

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