E-Learning for Primary-Secondary

Live classes for primary and secondary learners have been going on for a while now since the first lockdown. Despite the drastic overhaul of the teaching-learning process, they too have responded well, with the engaging pedagogy adopted by our educators.

Flipped Classroom: This session on we’ve started teaching with the method of flipped classroom. Educators post a video on a topic before teaching them in class. Learners watch it and come prepared for discussion with their own inputs. This way learners become active partners in learning. Teacher talk is reduced to the minimum, freeing more time for projects and classwork. Initially implemented in the prep classes, this method is now used in up to grade 8th.

Extra-curricular activities: The needs of the 21st century demand a holistic approach to education. We want thinkers, entrepreneurs, players, chefs, musicians, singers and dances in the society. To sharpen their skills in these areas, regular activities and classes are being held online. Be it green education, cooking, public speaking—all clubs and activities are conducted regularly.

lessons: To make learning easier, educators have been posting videos to bring concept to life and more concrete. Learners watch these videos to build on their learning which can be later used in the classroom

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