Examination Guidelines

Examination Rules

  • Learners must reach school on time. The school gates will be closed thereafter. Late comers will not be entertained.
  • Learners must leave their bags outside the examination room. Must check their pencil boxes and pockets before entering the examination room.
  • Borrowing of stationery will not be allowed at all.
  • Learners should not resort to any unfair means while taking their examination. If any student is found to be involved in using unfair means/talking/disturbing, he/she may be disqualified from the exam
  • If the learner is found using unfair means, his supplementary will be taken away and a new one will be given to him for filling.
  • No supplement(s) would be given to the Learners in the last 5 minutes of the examination.
  • Learners must be seated in their respective class rooms after the examination.
  • In no case, the exams will be rescheduled. If required so, prior application in writing should be submitted and permission should be taken from the principal.

Guidelines for Parents

  • Parents must ensure their ward reaches school sharp on time.
  • No child will be allowed to go home after giving the exam in half day as revision classes will be held for the next exam.
  • Parents should ensure that their children are aware of the EXAM TIME TABLE and SYLLABUS of the EXAM.
  • Parents should motivate and encourage the children to study well and sleep on time, and eat light & healthy food before the exam. Late night studies should be avoided.

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