Sunita’s Makerspace

Sunita's Makerspace is where the mundane teaching ends and excitement of learning begins. This is the space where you can Dream It, Design It and Create It. It is the space for tools, projects, mentors and expertise. A collection of tool does not define a Makerspace. Rather we define it by what it enables, Making. Gajera Trust wanted to create a Makerspace as a learning environment with rich possibilities.

At Sunita's Makerspace, we focus on skill development that enables children to put into practice easily and techniques taught are appropriate to their age. At Sunita's Makerspace we want to create a space for collaboration where young people can learn and share their interests, hobbyists can share their knowledge, "old-fashioned" skills are re-learned and re-examined, and mid-career workers can gain inspiration. We want to provide an environment of participatory learning where it's OK to take chances and make mistakes, where one is encouraged to learn at one's own pace.To teach people from all age groups and walks of life to learn through doing or "participatory learning" We will provide after school classes with a focus on STEAM (Science, Technology Engineering Art and Math) education.

Mission & Vision

To create a collaborative, affordable, and inspirational educational environment where people at all stages of life can access old and new skill sets, cross-pollinate ideas, become active and thoughtful consumers, and become innovators who build healthy and sustainable communities.

Clubs At Sunita’s Makerspace


Dance club aims at developing various dancing skills. It helps the learners to learn different kinds of dance such as classical dance, hip-hop, solo dance, break dance and so on. The educators take keen interest in teaching the learners various steps and movements of dancing. It benefits the learners both socially and physically. Dancing competitions are held periodically in the school.


Photography club highlights the techniques of capturing photos. It enables the learners to evolve the hidden artistic skills of photography. learners are also taught They learn how to do photography in various social events and occasions. learners prepare their own photo-albums. They also learn the techniques of photo-modelling and how to make a portfolio.


We can't think the world without technology. Today, technology flourishes rapidly in every fields. The learners have to be in track with the modern technology and they have to update themselves with the knowledge of technology. This club motivates the learners how to utilize the latest technologies to build their career.


Language is the only mean to exchange and interact our ideas and opinions. Language club takes initiatives to develop all the language skills such as writing, speaking, reading, listening etc. learners are prepared how to speak correctly in different situations and places. It is based totally on communicative approach. learners learn how to speak fluently.


The motive of this club is to make the learners aware about social activities and services. learners are given the first-hand knowledge about Social Reformation, Social Evils, Anti-social activities, Society Systems etc. They learn how to plan social functions and necessary measures to uplift the society. They are encouraged to take part in social welfare activities like blood donation camp, distribution of food packets during natural disasters, providing free education to those children who live in backward areas etc.


Eco Club helps the learners to be eco-friendly. learners learn how to save natural resources and which steps should be taken to conserve the environment. It is an effort to create love and affinity towards animals.It emphasizes on three 'R's - Recycle, Reuse and Reduce. It tries to understand the micro-eco balancing activities which take place in mother nature. It paves the way to the conservation of bio-diversity and flora and fauna of the country.


Drama club enables the learners to develop self-confidence, team spirit, enacting skills and multiple performing arts. This club is dedicated to bring the power of dramatization of different situations. learners rehearse and perform a scripted play after the school hours. It provides an opportunity to perform in dramatic presentations.


Sport Club aims at developing self-esteem, leadership skills, sportmanship and responsibility. It provides healthy competition through inter-school and inter-house matches and gives a release to the pupils from academic. It ensures that every people can maximize their sporting competence and reveals their personality. It helps develop the foster qualities such as co-operation, tolerance and team work.


Music club is a recreational activity which relaxes mind and soul. learners learn to play various musical intruments and how to prepare and sing musical notes of Indian classical music. Music competitions like solo-song, ocassions. learners are trained for vocal and playback singing.


This club encourages the learners to improve their communicative skills required while interacting with public. The learners get the various strategies for public speaking such as content power, eye-contact, self-confidence, non-verbal communication, voice modulation and convincing power. It leads the learners to become a effective orator.


Science club is dedicated to enhance scientific skills and the way of exploring new things. It develops learners' awareness of and concern for scientific issues in personal, social, environmental and technological contexts. learners know the scientific way of learning. It arouses the curiosity of learners to observe the things with scientific point of view.


Event management involves the creativity of managing large scale events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies, formal parties, concerts and conventions. The learners know about budgeting, scheduling, site selection, getting necessary permissions, parking, arrangment for speakers and entertainers, arranging decor, catering , security and emergency plans. learners will learn how to co-ordinate the things to make the event successful.


Business Club stands for business strategies. It paves the way for the learners to learn marketing skills, salesmanship, advertising, investment, management, dealing, accounting etc. It increases the awareness of business opportunities among the learners. It organizes field trips to various business firms and provide information about how business is dealt with.


Maths Club helps the learners in arousing mathematical curiosity and using inductive and deductive reasoning in solving problems. learners will know and demonstrate understanding the five branches of mathematics ( Algebra, Number, Geometry and Trigonometry, Statistics and probability and discrete mathematics). Mathematical inquiry encourages learners to become risk-takers, inquirers and critical thinkers. learners will go through puzzles, mathematical games and maths lab projects.


The Art Club represents an after school activity which provides materials, instruction and support for those learners who are seeking a creative outlet and artistic creations. There is a hidden artist in every child. This club identifies creativity hidden in the child. learners draw the paintings based on various themes and situations with proper shading and colours. learners meet local artists, practice new techniques and basic art concepts. Art Club takes active part in Art Exhibition which has been named as 'KALA UTSAV'.


Our Craft Club is a community based group of like minded learners who enjoy creating by cutting, pasting, gluing, sewing, knitting, weaving, beading, scrapbooking, embroidery and making best out of wastes. Craft sessions are held in the school to promote the learners’ love for craft. Each craft session is a self directed time to work on creative projects. The artefacts prepared by the learners are put on display.

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