Safety Guidelines

Safety First is Safety Always- Charles M. Hayes

Safety is a precondition for learning. Learners learn and Educators teach more successfully when schools are safe. Learners are a key resource to school and it is essential that risk to their safety is properly controlled through an effective safety management system and commitment at all levels. To ensure required safety in the school, we have laid down the following safety guide.

  • Entrance
  • Porch
  • Assembly
  • Class rooms
  • Stairs
  • Lobby
  • Lift
  • STEM Lab
  • Library
  • Computer Lab
  • Grubsylvania
  • Playground
  • Terrace
  • Basement

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Transport Facility

The need for safe passage of each child to school and back home is of paramount importance to us. To ensure safe travel the school has its own fleet of school vans manned by trained drivers. The Transport Service (optional) is operated by the school and a separate transport fee is charged for this.

Kindly enquire with our transport department before finalizing with the admission process.

Safety & Security

The school is well aware of its responsibilities to ensure the safety and security of all students. A reliable security system with professional security personnel, a completely fenced campus and 24/7 guard duty are in place to safeguard the sprawling campus. The security guards are deployed in key areas. The security is enforced by manning all vulnerable areas and points such as in/out gates, electrical installations and vehicle parking areas. Area patrolling and perimeter patrolling by security guards during after-hours ensures security of the area.

The entire campus is under the CCTV surveillance.

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