Our Team

The Guiding Lights

A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, Knowledge and wisdom in the pupils

Kudos to the teachers for providing an enriching, supportive and fun-based learning environment that allures children to kindle their inner spark to seek more and more knowledge with each passing day.

The Faculty of Gajera Global School comprises a team of well – educated, well-spoken, enthusiastic and dynamic professionals who enter the classrooms each day keeping in mind the true purpose of education – empower each student to be an overall success, rather than just achieving good grades.

Teachers at Gajera Global School are co-learners with the students on the journey of education. They ensure that teaching is disciplined but an enjoyable activity. They are innovative and creative thereby acting as beacons to these little bundles of joy.

The academic and non-academic faculties at Gajera Global School are facilitated with professional development training programs and workshops at regular intervals which keep them in the learning mode and abreast with the latest teaching trends and methodology.

Gajera Global School, PAL T.P 10, Suda Awas Road, Near Shalin Enclave, Surat - 394510, Gujarat. +91-84605 22223 / 25 / 26 info.ggs@gajeratrust.org